Monday, 23 March 2009

Oh Dear Oh Brother Dear

Okay, I have been out of the loop and out of kiting for sometime. There are a few reasons as to why my kiting has taken a back seat. The main reason was during a kite surfing session with my brother we discovered that his Vegas was starting to come apart on the main centre strut so we thought that maybe it would be best if we did not fly his kite and shared my kite.

So after a few goes of the new board and almost getting the hang of things I decided that Chris was not having much fun and thought he best have a go. On one of his attempts he managed to get up on the board briefly before doing a 180 under the kite and land up being dragged onto his back. This sent my kite down in the waves and the only thing I could think that must of happened was while Chris was under water and getting a nice dunking, the kite was down in between two sets for waves and then the wave crashed into the the kite. This I think put way to much tension in everything, with Chris under water himself and being dead weight, something had to give and it was a panel in the canopy.

So next week Chris' kite along with mine shall be sent off for some repairs. I know that it is a few good months since the last the post and why have we not repaired the kites before. Well it to be honest has been cold and I am not a great fan of cold. Next month we are off to Wales for some kite boarding so I think this blog will now be taking on more of kiting in general role rather than being deadicated to building kite boards. I shall continue to build kite boards when the pockets are lined enough to allow this.

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slingshotrpm said...

Care to update us with the latest.I love kiteboarding too as it gives me freedom to "fly" and embrace the beauty of the sea and the environment.

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