Sunday, 20 July 2008

Testing Day 2

On Friday we went to camber sands to test out the board. The winds were pretty much going from 15mph to 23mph and shifting direction every now and then. Not a good start but I shall take any wind that I can. I was out on my 12m Wook since Chris has finally got his own kite (a 12m North Vegas).

I was really battling, I just could not find my groove. I don't know if it was a combination of the waves and chop or the fact I completely rebuilt my bar and using a slingshot chickenloop with the built depower cleat and a cleat for the 5th line. I was in part struggling with the kite and twice the slingshot loop released onto the safety with the slightest touch of the quick release.

Anyhow back to the board, I did manage to get up a few times (remember I am still a learner and yet to have a good run with the board - any board), the few times I did managed to get going I am not sure if it was the bar/kite combo or the board but I would loose it and sink. I am thinking this was down to the kite/bar combo and the wind and me trying to do to much all at one go. I decided to leave the board on the beach for a while and do some body dragging to see if it was me or the kite. I kind of think it may have been the kite but I shall need to investigate a little more.

I was cleaning my kite and letting it dry this afternoon when I noticed that two of the scuff pads on the kite where coming off. I don't know if this happened or when it happened and if this added to woes at Camber on friday. But I am going to get this repaired as soon as I can since I don't want my baby falling apart on me. I think I am going to see if I can get someone who actually can board to give my board and decent go and see how it compares. Any how I am already thinking on ideas and improvements that I can make.

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