Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Testing Day 1

Okay so today we went out to test the board. With Camber Sands having a cross-offshore we decided to head over to Greatstone which would had a nice directly onshore. Not the kind of winds that I would have ideally like but none the less.

With the tide out and starting to come in and winds good for a 12m/14m Chris went out to do some body dragging with my kite. This left me with his 17m to test my board out. All I could say this is going to be interesting. Well after a few tries of trying to get up on the board I eventually managed to get and board for a few meters before face planting in the water and being dragged into the shallows. So at least I can say that the board will get me up just need to be patient and keep at it. After a long day with some good body dragging for Chris and finally his confidence getting better and the sun setting.

So we live to kite another day and so far I think I can say Chris is hooked and there is defo another board in the pipe line.

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