Sunday, 22 June 2008

Try out day

This morning I wake up look out the window and the wind is blowing and the sun is shinning. Today is the day I head down to Camber Sands to hopefully test out my board. After loading up with the car with gear as possible we headed out. Peak high tide was meant to be around 12:30pm GMT.

We get to the the beach at 2pm (BST) and the tide is all the way in and there is no place to launch kites so we head of to the local pub for a pint (coke - no alcohol). A while later, 4pm we finally feel there is enough space to launch. We take the smallest kite with us, a 12m Takoon Wook. Since my brother has never been in the water we thought we would do some body dragging while we wait for the tide to go out a bit more. Now the wind was blowing pretty strong and nobody was out with anything less than a 10m.

Well Chris and I managed to body drag the whole length of Camber beach and came out without any problems. This was a tandem body drag with Chris attached to my harness while I was attached to the kite. At one point I was actually looking for a little more power. On a side note, the water was not as cold as we thought. Being true crazy South Africans we were the only people out in the water without wetsuits but it was bags of fun. Just one note, pebble beach and my pampered feet don't get along well. Once we where at the other end of camber we decided to come back into shore and wait for the tide to go out before walking back up. We wanted the soft sand for our feet.

To cut a long story short by the time we got back to the starting line so to speak and the tide was looking good for some boarding the winds where hitting close to 35-40 mph and I thought it rather best we call it a day. No point risking it. So the board goes back home and waits for better winds. Now we are on the look out for a smaller kite. Anyone that has a 7-9m C kite up for small drop me a line.

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