Thursday, 5 June 2008

Step 2 - The Rails

After coming up with the shape and the size of the board that I wanted it was time to cut out the rails. I have used ABS plastic for the rails of my board. I have used a 3mm ABS plastic sheet that measures 1600mm x 1080mm. This enough for two boards and the cost was around £27 per sheet. Once the shape was traced out onto the ABS I used a jigsaw to carefully cut out the shape.

A word of caution when cutting the plastic with the jigsaw with a fast sawing action and a to finer blade the plastic heats up behind the blade and the cut you just made is sealed up. A medium spead with a course wood blade seems to do the trick.

the sheet of ABS plastic
the cut out board


kinetickites said...

Hi there

Where do you get the ABS in the UK?

crazyLLama said...

Hi there,

I got my ABS plastic from I used a 4mm Pinseal Embossed. Which has a pattern on the one side and is smooth on the other. I used a 80grit sand paper on a belt sander to roughen up the plastic before I did the torch thing. Any questions just give us shout.

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